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iPhone X "iPhone 10"

iPhone X "iPhone 10": Specifications, Features and Price

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iPhone X "iPhone 10": Specifications, Features and Price
Apple announced this week its new iPhone X iPhone iPhone X along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, during a major event staged at the "Steve Jobs" at its new headquarters, "Apple Park" in the state of California, and carries iPhone X "IPhone 10" is a new design for the first time in 3 years. It also supports a new facial recognition technology as well as wireless charging support, and iPhone X is the first Apple phone from Apple to have an Oled display.

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IPhone X Design

The iPhone X  "iPhone 10" design of glass with circular edges with a metal frame of stainless steel, in the first change from Apple to the design of iPhone phones since the announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014, and like most of the leading phones from companies Competition The design of the phone is based on an almost rimless screen that occupies most of the front of the phone, such as the Galaxy S8, Notte 8, the LG V30, the MyMix2 and the Essential phone, and the new phone supports water and dust resistance with IP67 rating.            WHAT ARE SOLAR HOW TO IDENTIFY BEST ONE

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iPhone X is the first phone from Apple that supports wireless charging
iPhone X is the first phone from Apple that supports wireless charging
Apple has adopted the iPhone X X iPhone 10 on the design of glass instead of the metal in the iPhone 7 to support the wireless charging feature, can not support the phones in full design of the metal, and supports the iPhone X wireless charging Qi standard used by companies Such as Samsung and LG, a universal standard for unifying wireless chargers, and many wireless carriers will be available for Apple's new phone from different companies. Apple announced a wireless charger called AirPower that allows charging the iPhone 10 with both the watch and watch Ear "AirPods" at the same time, with the user only placing the devices above this bar Which Apple said will be available next year 2018. Support for the iPhone X wireless charging feature allows the user to connect the wired earphones while charging the phone, a feature not available to iPhone users due to the lack of a conventional earphone port and a single port For charging and connecting headphones.https://tocywo.com/uL5Lumhf

Face recognition feature in iPhone X

One of the most significant changes in the design of iPhone X  "iPhone 10" is Apple's release of the Home button, which has characterized its phones since the launch of the first iPhone 10 years ago, which also made the company give up the presence of fingerprint sensor in the phone, Apple replaced it with a new feature The Face ID, a feature to secure the phone through facial recognition, requires the user to lift the phone along his face, open his eyes and pull up to unlock the phone.

Apple said Face ID supports identity verification when paying through the Apple Pay service. From the Apple Store and within applications.  https://tocywo.com/u4dl

Face recognition in iPhone X is based on a number of technologies embedded in the upper part of the phone, which include an infrared IR system as well as a front camera and a so-called flood illuminator, which transmits a light packet to recognize the face in the dark. Apple said it designed a special chip to process Face recognition as quickly as possible. The company also confirmed that the feature is safer than the fingerprint sensor and that the error rate is 1 per million. According to Apple, Face ID can recognize the face even if the user is wearing glasses or not. BEST WASHING MACHINE

The iPhone X carries an OLED display for the first time in iPhone phones
The iPhone X comes with a 5.7-inch Super Retina HD screen with 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution of 458 pixels per inch. For the first time, Apple has adopted an Oled display on iPhone phones. The screen supports True Tone technology, Adjust the white balance so that the images on the screen are natural to reduce eye strain, and also supports HDR technology, which provides better viewing of video content or images in color, and 3D Touch support, which provides different options for the user depending on the strength of the pressure on the screen.

The camera in iPhone X
Apple has supplied its new iPhone X, iPhone X, iPhone 10 with two rear cameras, each with 12 megapixels, the main with a wide f / 1.8 lens and the telephoto with a f / 2.4 lens slot. Both cameras support optical installation with four LED flash, Record 4K video and 1080p slow motion video at 240 frames per second, with auto focus, optical zoom, up to 10x digital zoom, and portrait capture. The camcorder is covered with a Sapphire layer to withstand scratches and bumps.IPHONE XR VS XS MAX

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iPhone X dual camera
Apple also supplied its iPhone X or iPhone 10 with a 7-megapixel front camera with a f / 2.2 lens that supports portrait mode with the ability to use screen lighting as a flash, with 1080p video recording capabilities, and Apple announced a new "Still Experimental" Lighting Allows the user to apply different lighting effects to personal images or portraits.   https://tocywo.com/u4dl

Apple revealed a new feature called Animoji, a feature that relies on the front camera and face recognition technology in iPhone X in transforming the user's impressions to Imogi, the user has to choose from several emoji "emoticons" include the face of a cat and the face of Panda faces Others then move a face to express something or something. https://tocywo.com/uL5Lumhf

iphone X prices in pakistan
Retail Price of Apple iPhone X in Pakistan is Rs. 129,999.
Retail Price of Apple in USD is $969.
Apple iPhone X - 10th Anniversary Gift!

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Apple brought twist in the iPhone X design and now for the lovers of this brand is going to watch a totally new design in their next product which is going to reveal very soon. Apple iPhone X is the speculated to be a gift of their 10th anniversary and it brought some new features and new types of specifications will be revealed in the leaked specs sheet. Apple's iPhone X is all about the perfection and it seems that it will bring the full screen display that we never saw before in any other predecessor of this renowned brand. Apple iPhone X's design is refreshed and now very small bezels just like the edges of a Samsung. Instead of old fashioned IPS panels now Super AMOLED matrix is used in iPhone X by Apple which they gonna buy from the leading brand Samsung. Teaser images are indicating that its display will be quite identical to the LG G6 which was the flagship device of LG. Apple X is going to boast 5.8 inch LCD which is going to be a huge display for a smartphone and as you can see that on the 10th anniversary there will be a changed face of Apple iPhone's X which we gonna see. Chipset is upgraded too and new chip will be called A11 Bionic and it will be using a six core processor to complete all iPhone X's intense processing quite easily. iOS also got some treatment and now iOS 11 will be planted inside to control all the hardware of device and with this software Apple iPhone X is going to obey all the commands passed the user of this gadget. RAM attached with chip is 3 GB while the internal storage planted is gonna be 64GB and 256GB   https://tocywo.com/uL5Lumhf

iphone X price in india

Apple IPhone X Price In India

iphone x

Apple iPhone X Price starts at Rs. 69,999. The lowest price of Apple iPhone X is at Amazon, which is 8% lessthan the cost of iPhone X at Shopclues (Rs. 75999). This phone is available in 64 GB, 256 GB storage variants. Apple iPhone X is available in Space Grey, Silver, Grey colours across various online stores in India.

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